Catholic Archbishop In Syria: Putin's Military Intervention In Syria "Serves the Christian Cause, Is A Source Of Hope... Putin Is Solving A Problem"
By Martin Hill
[Originally published October 11, 2015.]



Update 12/13/16: I opened my Twitter feed this morning to see very dramatic photos or blood-red tarps covering bodies lying in the streets of Syria- followed by a barrage of anti-Assad, anti-Putin propaganda claiming such headlines as

"The UN says Syrian Pro-government forces have been entering civilians' homes and killing those found inside, including women and children."

"Sources suggest a deliberate strategy by the Russians to block the evacuation of medical staff from eastern Aleppo"

Alarming reports of executions as pro-Assad forces swept thru rebel-held Aleppo tonight. UN cites reports of 'large number' of atrocities.

UN: Bodies in Aleppo are 'lying in the streets,' but residents can't get them bc of 'fear of being shot on sight'

Briefing on #Syria: Deeply disturbing reports that numerous bodies were lying in the streets

Of course the U.S. and pro Israel/neocon faction wants war with Syria, and this is just another attempt to get it started. Mia Farrow, who tweeted all of the above headlines, seems like a sincere liberal, and I don't even recall why I first started following her tweets or how I even found them, but she is interesting and serves as a barometer of the deluded far-left mindset, so her tweets are in that sense, informative.

Nevertheless- this is what is really going on in Syria. Christians support Assad and Putin serves as a "source of hope!" for Christians, according to the Catholic Archbishop there.

I have published many such stories with official statements from the Catholic and Orthodox Christian hierarchy in Syria over the years. I would believe them long before the American corporate media and the Zionist war-mongering propagandists.

Case in point, see this article, which was published in October 2015, one year and two months ago:

Melkite Greek Catholic archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart of Aleppo, Syria, has said that Russian military intervention in Syria is "a source of hope" for Christians in the region, that it "serves the Christian cause," has "renewed the confidence among Christians in Syria," and that "Putin is solving a problem."

Aleppo is the largest city is Syria with a population of over 2.1 million.

In a visit to the United States in April of this year, Archbishop Jeanbart said that "Israel is the focus of U.S. support" but that "there needs to be a different balance... I know the American people have values and like freedom and like justice, so I thought they would listen, would give an ear to the other communities in the region - particularly the Christians, who are forgotten."

Jeanbart has been personally targeted for attack in Syria, with an attack on his car and his home, which was broken into and ransacked.

Syrian independent press agency ARA News reports:

"Jeanbart welcomed the Russian military intervention in Syria, saying that the Russian President Vladimir Putin "serves the Christians' cause". ...The archbishop said in an interview with Suisse Romande television that the Russian airstrikes on Islamists "renewed the confidence among Christians in Syria".
Russia's military buildup in Syria is "a source of hope" for the country's Christians, the Melkite Greek Catholic archbishop of Aleppo Jean-Clement Jeanbart said on Thursday. "Putin is solving a problem," archbishop Jeanbart said, in reference to the Russian raids in Syria.

LINK: Archbishop of Aleppo: Russian airstrikes 'source of hope' for Christians in Syria 10/9/15

In April of this year, Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart came to the United States to get the word out about what was happening in Syria.

Religion News reported:

"Militants from the Islamic State have killed or kidnapped priests; the tires on Jeanbart's own car were shot out in an attack as he traveled to Beirut. Two Eastern Orthodox bishops were captured two years ago and there has been no word on their condition. Snipers, shelling, lootings and car bombings are a part of the daily gantlet Christians run if they leave their homes. "A country of blood and fire," he calls it. That's why the Catholic relief agency Aid to the Church in Need brought Jeanbart to the U.S. - to raise awareness about the seriousness of their plight and to raise money to help rebuild the community.

"We are in grave danger; we may disappear soon," as Jeanbart told an audience in Manhattan on Tuesday (April 28). He began his tour in Boston and was headed to Washington, speaking to church groups but also doing numerous media and television interviews to get the word out.

Yet the archbishop knows he has a host of forces arrayed against him, and not just on the battlefield:

  • First, in his experience, Jeanbart said Americans tend to assume that everyone in an Arab country such as Syria is a Muslim. Melkite Catholics in the U.S. are a proud and vibrant community, numbering some 25,000 families in nearly 50 parishes. But they are spread across the country and are almost invisible when compared with the 65 million Roman Catholics in the U.S.

  • Second, Jeanbart said the media's focus on the geopolitics of the Middle East conflict and on military strategies obscures Syria's pluralistic society and the fact that Christians exist there - and are main targets for Islamist terrorists.
  • Third, the geopolitics don't work in the church's favor. The Assad regime and the rebels have support from different Muslim countries, which use each side as a proxy, while he said Israel is the focus of U.S. support. Jeanbart stressed his support for Israel's right to exist, but he said there needs to be a different balance.

    "I know the American people have values and like freedom and like justice, so I thought they would listen, would give an ear to the other communities in the region - particularly the Christians, who are forgotten," said Jeanbart, 72 and yet still energetic after a long day of interviews and little sleep.

    But Jeanbart faces another challenge when he speaks to an American audience: For him, as for other Syrian Christians, Assad is not the despot that he is considered in Washington.

    Christians in Syria felt protected by Assad, he said, much as Christians in Iraq were under Saddam Hussein. Many on Capitol Hill, however, want to send more arms and funding to the rebels and remove Assad, who has been accused of using chemical weapons as well as being a serial violator of human rights.

    "It's up to them (the Americans) whether to like him or not," Jeanbart said of Assad. "But I'm afraid they don't know him enough. He's not an angel. He will not be canonized tomorrow. But he's not bad. Compared to the other Arab leaders, he may be one of the best."


  • Archbishop Jeanbart was reportedly injured in an attack in north Syria in 2012.

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